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What we do

Blueground is a B2B company focused in the nautical sector, acting as a supplier of nautical services for large sporting competitions, sponsors, audiovisual producers and travel agencies.

Our consultants and advisors work to optimize the logistics of any nautical project, favoring the most suitable business environments to achieve the objectives that are marked.

If you want to contact one of our specialized advisors you can send us an email by clicking here.

What we do
Leaders as a B2B company in the nautical sector

Our experience

Our experience
Our experience
15 years of making the proyects of our clients sail, is our best guarantee.
Since our first performance at the Sydney Olympics 2000, our team has evolved to become one of the leading suppliers for large-scale events worldwide.
Through the needs of our customers in recent years, the areas of Audiovisual Services and the agency of large cruises has been growing steadily, forming highly consolidated teams that offer logistical solutions and advice to large business projects throughout the five oceans.
The global vocation has always been in the genetics of Blueground, giving solutions to the logistical challenges that have been posed to us in the most remote corners of the planet. Antarctica, Pacific Islands or large cities such as Auckland, Cape Town or Puerto Vallarta are some of the examples of what our homes were like, accompanying great professionals to facilitate their work.

The 4 Blueground helms



17 years of experience and 3 specialized teams on all areas to guarantee the otpimization of resources, effective organization and a quick response to any need.


Our work always begins in the consultancy, listening before proposing, analyzing before acting,in order to offer the best solutions.

Global Pasion

Our action field is where our clients move. Years of sailing along the five oceans give us an incomparable experience.

Always updated

Being updated is extremely essential, especially in a fact-changing world of IT. The technology and the continuous training are our main focus.
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